About Jeffrey Cancilla

Jeffrey A. Cancilla is in the practice of law, specifically in the areas of “Immigration, Real Estate and Bankruptcy”.

He finished his studies at University of Oregon School of Law in 1992 and has 20 years legal experience in both government and private sector of law.

His expertise is assisting clients with issues in debt through the use of bankruptcy law, fair credit law and debt negotiation.

Aside from his major field which is bankruptcy, he also studied real estate and immigration. He has civil litigation experience in the areas of business disputes. He is also a published author of legal educational materials.

For his past experiences, he worked as a staff attorney for a Superior Court, staff attorney for an Indian Tribe and as a Public Defender. Right now, Mr. Cancilla upholds offices in Huntington Beach and Orange, California. He’s currently a member of National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney (NACBA), Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Association (CDCBAA), Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) and California State Bar Association.

Going deeply about Mr. Cancilla’s major field, bankruptcy, he already solved some cases of bankruptcy issues and assisted different individuals experiencing such dilemma.

If you’re looking for Orange County bankruptcy attorney, go directly to Attorney Jeffrey Cancilla’s law office so he can give the right and legal solution for you.